Current Policies & Procedures

  • Payments are due by the 10th of each month. Failure to pay on time will result in a $10 late fee.

  • PCA does not offer credits or refunds of any kind. All sales are final!

  • $250 Uniform must be paid in full 60 days prior to a performance in order to participate.

  • Students are to wear T-shirt, Shorts, and Tennis shoes (preferably white).

  • Hair is to be pulled back in a pony tail with a cheer hair bow. A cheer bow is part of a cheerleaders uniform and required for practice! Dress for success!

  • We do not have make up classes if you miss a class due to illness, injury, scheduling complications, or any other circumstances.

  • Closure: If the Puyallup School District closes due to snow or ice, there will be no classes. Classes will be rescheduled to make up these days.

  • Breaks: 2 weeks in December, closed for month of July (no tuition due) with exception of optional summer camp

  • Class times are based on a 50 minute hour. Starting promptly on the hour and ending 50 minutes after the hour.

  • No running, gum chewing, cell phones, or screaming and or yelling.

  • Do not distract children, interrupt a class, or talk to your child or instructor during class.

  • No photos or videotaping classes unless permission is granted by the coach

  • PCA is a learning facility. This is the primary focus and activities, other than Class in Session, should not interfere. If any activities on the premises disrupt this goal you will be asked to leave. This applies to EVERYONE! PCA is not responsible for children / students left unattended.

Hold Harmless Agreement

The undersigned parent on behalf of themselves and their Child or Children agree to hold Puyallup Cheer Academy (PCA) and any employees or contracted services while acting within the scope of their duties, harmless from all causes of actions, demands, and claims, including the cost of third parties on account of personal injuries, death, or damage to the property arising out of activities at the premises or on location and in any way connected with the activities of the child participant in Puyallup Cheer Academy.